2015 Poll on Bedding

coverduvetHello fans, we are pleased to announce our findings from the poll we undertook earlier this year. We surveyed over 1,000 people and asked them the following questions:

    – What kind of duvet covers do you normally buy?
    – Do you buy them online or in stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond?
    – In the past 365 days, how much money have you spent on duvets and duvet covers?
    – Are there any particular patterns you like? Are there any particular patterns you avoid purchasing?
    – What material do you like you duvet covers to be made out of?
    – Do you purchase a year-round cover or seasonal (meaning a different duvet for summer and winter)?

The majority of the respondents indicated that they normally buy off-brand names. Meaning they are not looking for a particular brand of duvet cover. When purchasing, the first shop online to see if there are any deals. Amazon.com is the #1 store to buy a duvet and duvet cover. After that, Bed Bath and Beyond, followed by Walmart, followed by Target are the 3 biggest brick-and-mortar stores people do their bedding shopping on. In the past year, on average, people have made at least 2 purchases in the 12 months prior. This means that the average respondent to our survey likes to change their bedding at least once every 6 months. Our survey indicated that the best duvet covers were ones you could purchase online. As far as patterns, this is where the data suggested that people do not show a particular preference towards the pattern on their duvet cover 25% said that they look for a a non-linear pattern, another 25% indicated that they look for a solid color to match their bedroom decor, and 50% indicated that patterns do not matter. Only pricing is what caused them to make a purchase. This is interesting because this survey closely mirrors the “bedding survey” we did in 2012. It seems as if consumers like to purchase duvet covers on the internet more than they do in brick-and-mortar stores. With the recent success of Amazon, it is no wonder why people like to shop at home.

The most interesting data from our bedding survey indicated that when buying a duvet, over 58% of the people whom responded indicated that they do not purchase a cover specifically made for a duvet. These covers can cost hundreds of dollars and be made out of silk or other expensive imported fabrics. They also did not care about the quality of the down used in the manufacture of the product. There are varying levels of down, ranging from super high quality (and super expensive) to low quality from China. It seems as if nobody is paying attention to the quality of the down used in their duvet cover.

In conclusion, we hope this survey will help the duvet manufacturers produce higher quality products. It seems as if that instead of running out and purchasing a new one, people would rather take their old duvet to the dry cleaners and pay $50 to have it dry cleaned. This is interesting because the prices have come down dramatically over the past 5 years, and $50 is what the average cover costs.